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  24 Oct 2007, parody of "Europa and the Pirate Twins" by Thomas Dolby
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That Pirate Guy
parody of "Europa and the Pirate Twins " by Thomas Dolby

On his dinghy, o'er the swells
Pirate travelled for a spell
(Jack Sparrow)
Down the beaches, sword in hand
Fights the hero on the sand
Or is it otherwise?
Is he with the good guys?

I'll see that pirate guy again (Jack Sparrow)
At the movies (Jack Sparrow)
I've been about a dozen times (Jack Sparrow)
Caribbean (Jack Sparrow)

Five months later, what to be
For my costume on All Hallow's Eve?
(Jack Sparrow...) (Yeah yeah yeah yeah!)
Buy his posters and see all the films
Blow up printouts of my favorite stills
I've got to look the same - a spittin' image
Of Sparrow, pirate dread.

I'll be that pirate guy this year (Jack Sparrow)
From the movies (yeah, those movies) (Jack Sparrow)
With swagger, stagger, and a sneer (Jack Sparrow)
Caribbean (Jack Sparrow)

Trick-or-treated door to door
Then hit all the parties
Brushed past the cheering crowds
Calling "my" name
I jumped on the table
As I brandished my sabre
[Then] the guys in blue arrived and
I got carried away...

I'll be that pirate guy again (Jack Sparrow)
From the movies (Jack Sparrow)
With shadowed eyes and toothy grin (Jack Sparrow)
Caribbean (Jack Sparrow)

I'll be that pirate guy again (Jack Sparrow)
From the movies, (let's watch the movies now)
With whale-boned hair and bearded chin (Jack Sparrow)
Caribbean (Jack Sparrow)

On Disney ride or DVD (Jack Sparrow)
Antihero (Jack Sparrow)
A roguish bloke he'll always be (Jack Sparrow)
Caribbean (Jack Sparrow)

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