Pooper Scooper
Ode to Numenor
Estimation Unknown
The Unfinished Thesis
That Pirate Guy
A Berkeley Ward Anthem
New Diaper on Ellie
Men's Cookoff
South-Going Zax
Mr. Bates
Lenin on Imperialism
Arsenic, Old Lace, & Gotye
Small World
The Scars of Smartphones
















Welcome to my humble parodies page. Click the titles on the left sidebar to view the new lyrics I have written. On the upper right of each parody page is a link to the original song somewhere on the interwebs. After clicking one of those links, return to the parody browser to follow along with the new words. Eventually I'd like to record them and do a video or two, but this will have to do until then.

As you have likely guessed , I am an ardent fan and great admirer of Weird Al Yankovic. No less an authority than Homer Simpson sagely said: "He who is tired of Weird Al is tired of life"
[The Simpsons, episode 19.11]. Other inspirations include Victor Borge, Tom Lehrer, Jimmy Fallon, Beethoven's Wig, Mother Goose Rocks, and the literal music videos of DustoMcNeato and dascottjr.

Enjoy the site (and the songs)!

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